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Cream Rechiol - effective skin rejuvenation, active ingredients penetrate deep into the dermis, nourishing it. Rechiol can be ordered in the UK with a 50% discount. To order a youth concentrate at the price of £49 - fill out a special form on the official website, indicating your name and contact phone number. The manager will contact you to clarify the details. Payment for the order upon receipt of the parcel by mail.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Cosmetologist Jack Doctor Jack
17 years
Smooth, beautiful skin without injections is popular. Rechiol cream is an innovative remedy that is effective against deep and mimic wrinkles. The mineral complex eliminates barely noticeable and visible defects on the skin. After using the product, the effect is like after botox, but without side effects. Facial expressions are preserved, elastin and collagen are produced as in youth. Would recommend to all my clients in the UK.

Rechiol Natural Rejuvenation Drug

Rechiol cream action for rejuvenation

The active ingredient in Rechiol cream is bakuchiol, a natural retinol. The concentrate is extracted from the Hazel-leaved Psoralea plant. The component activates the synthesis of collagen of all types, blocks enzymes that adversely affect cellular and protein metabolism of cells. It has not only a superficial effect, but also penetrates into the dermis, triggering skin renewal at the cellular level.

Bakuchiol is not rejected by the skin, unlike synthetic retinol, it does not cause allergic reactions. Stimulates the reproduction of collagen, evens out the relief of the face, smoothes wrinkles, relieves pigmentation, redness. Skin rejuvenation is noticeable from the first days of using the concentrate.

Elixir action, effect

Rechiol Concentrate is a rejuvenating cream that allows you to take care of your face without expensive surgeries or cosmetologists. Helps to quickly eliminate age-related skin defects. It is worth ordering a new generation elixir because of its effective action:

Term of use Cream effect
Immediately after application Cleans. Removes toxins, impurities accumulated in the epidermis, blocking the flow of oxygen. Prepares the skin for further use of cosmetics, assimilation of active ingredients. The concentrate opens pores, removes makeup and grease residues, and restores hydrobalance.
3 days of use Tones up. With age, the epidermis becomes less elastic, elastic due to the lack of elastin and collagen. Rechiol compensates for their deficiency, improves microcirculation, promotes the supply of active components, oxygen deep into the dermis, thereby promoting cell regeneration.
7 days of application Moisturizes and nourishes. Minerals, vitamins enhance the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, strengthening the subcutaneous tissue. Without moisture, the skin cannot be radiant, healthy. Water molecules prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, preventing the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin.
2 weeks of application Eliminates flaws. Smoothes deep folds near the lips and nose, removes puffiness under the eyes, pigmentation, increases turgor, tightens the face contour. Rechiol will help get rid of wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, crow's feet.

Youth Concentrate is suitable for irritated, inflamed dermis. Eliminates rashes, acne, is effective against viruses and bacteria, grease and shine. This explains the popularity of Rechiol in the UK.

Benefits of the elixir of youth

The effectiveness of the anti-aging product has been confirmed by testing and clinical trials. The research was carried out for 4 weeks: in 82% of women, wrinkles were completely smoothed, 52% - the skin is elastic and tightened, 21% - the face contour became clear, 73% - a radiant, even skin tone.

Benefits of Rechiol Anti-Aging Concentrate:

Rechiol Elixir helps to cope with the first signs of aging and pronounced age-related changes. And its price is only £49 — find out the cost in other countries, which is much cheaper than expensive cosmetic procedures.

What is included in the tool

The rejuvenating serum contains only natural ingredients that provide intensive care with a pronounced anti-aging effect.

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Rechiol Anti-Aging Concentrate is a professional complex action product for facial care at home. Supports health, beauty of the skin. You can buy whey in the UK only on the manufacturer's official website. The elixir will help maintain youth for a long time.

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